Income Protection Insurance

Get tax-free money if you become unemployed,
a carer, or have an accident or sickness.

How much monthly cover do you want? £1000

The monthly cost is: £0.00 - with 3 months free cover
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from day one

ZERO EXCESS PERIOD means that we will not
deduct any money from your claim.

You’re covered

ZERO EXCLUSION PERIOD means you are able to
claim from the first day your cover starts.

Who can buy it?

You can apply for this Income Protection Insurance if you have taken out a mortgage, re-mortgage, loan or finance agreement in the past 60 days.

What does it do?

It pays you a tax-free benefit if you become unemployed, have a disability that stops you working, or if you have to give up work to become a carer.

Why choose it?

Three months free
Immediate pay out
Market leading cover
Quick and easy to apply
Universally low premium

How much can I cover?

The maximum sum you can insure is £2000 per month or 60% of your gross monthly earnings before tax whichever is the lower amount.

Protect your income with unemployment, disability and carer cover.

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