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About British Money Limited

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British Money Limited, (formerly The British Life Office – the Scottish Life Insurance Company), is one of Europe’s oldest insurance firms; with a heritage of protecting people from financial ruin since 1896. It is financially sound, with a reputation for excellence that few businesses can match. It strives to deliver a socially responsible insurance solution for those facing adversity and resolves to remain the market leading provider of Income Protection Insurance; with an unrivalled level of knowledge, experience and expertise.


Simon, Sara-Ann and Alexander Burgess are the Directors and Shareholders of British Money and are leading providers of Income Protection Insurance. They have very high moral standards and an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in everything they do. They are trusted and respected for their impeccable business ethics, as well as for their business acumen and credentials.

In 2005, the Burgesses were recognised by the British Government as pre-eminent business leaders and were granted the very rare permission, by The Secretary of State for Business, to use ‘British’ in their company name. This later gave them the privilege to acquire British Money.

Simon Lance Burgess

Simon Lance Burgess

Simon is a leading insurance entrepreneur - undoubtedly pre-eminent in his field - combining discipline with creativity and innovation. He is widely believed to be Great Britain’s foremost authority on unemployment insurance, which he pioneered and developed as a Lloyd’s Underwriter in the 1980’s. In addition, his knowledge of the internet and expertise at developing value for money insurance policies is unrivalled.

Simon has won awards for customer service, innovation, ethics and corporate social responsibility. He has been recognised as an ‘Outstanding Ambassador’ and a ‘Consumer Champion.’ A recent accolade, the ‘Crème de le Crème’ Award, is only given to business leaders who are inspirational, progressive and forward-thinking.

Sara-Ann Burgess

Sara-Ann Burgess

Sara-Ann is a universally acknowledged consumer champion and a tireless campaigner for consumer rights. Her significant contribution to a series of Office of Fair Trading and Competition Commission investigations into the sale and distribution of payment protection insurance was undoubtedly the catalyst for the positive changes to the way these insurance products are now marketed and sold.

Sara-Ann has a deeply engrained ethos to protect those facing adversity. She has won numerous awards for her work to secure a better deal for consumers and is a highly respected and experienced commentator on all insurance matters. Her advice and opinion is frequently sought by the media, trade bodies and consumer groups.

Alexander Burgess

Alexander Burgess

Alexander is highly driven; completing a degree in Economics in only two years and winning a scholarship to study for a Master of Business Administration, passing with a Merit, a year later. More recently, Alexander has obtained extensive experience as an ecommerce strategist, analysing customer behaviour, emerging online trends and new internet distribution channels.

Following discussions with over 120 Insurers, Lloyd’s Syndicates and reinsurers, Alexander was instrumental in the creation of this market-leading Income Protection Insurance product, which is distributed and promoted via the affiliate programme he developed.


Inspirational Business Leader Award

The presentation of a Crème de la Crème Award to Simon Burgess is a fitting accolade for a person, who in our view, is a world-class business leader. He is forward-thinking and progressive and has that rare ability to foresee market trends and pitch his business accordingly. Simon has a pioneering spirit, an inherent sense of honesty and fairness, plus a desire to safeguard the interests of consumers. This has resulted in him receiving an unprecedented number of awards. Simon represents the very best in business excellence and is undoubtedly worthy to join the elite list of Crème de la Crème recipients.
David Atherton, Judge, Crème de la Crème Awards

Outstanding Consumer Champion Award

Sara-Ann Burgess has for years fought to secure a better deal for consumers and expose the mis-selling practices of others. She has been instrumental in building the profile of independent providers, enabling consumers to make an informed decision about the options available to them. It is very rare to find someone with such passion and determination.
Ben Wilkie, Editor, Personal Finance Awards

Ambassador Award

Sara-Ann Burgess has lobbied tirelessly to ensure that consumers are better informed about their purchases. She has worked alongside organisations such as Competition Commission and the Office of Fair Trading to ensure that mis-selling practises are prevented. She embodies fairness, value and honesty.
Joanne Atkin, Editor, Mortgage Finance Gazette Awards

Outstanding Customer Service Award

Outstanding Customer Service is about meeting customers’ needs and Simon Burgess always puts his customers first. He ploughs profit back into his products and provides benefits and support services that competitors can only aspire to. Simplistically delivered online, customers can make informed choices – exactly as they should do. No wonder Simon Burgess gets our vote.
Ramesh Sharma, Managing Director, Complete Guide to Home Buying Awards

Best Customer Service Award

How customers are treated is an important aspect of these awards. Readers are asked to base their nominations on their experiences with a company, as well as price and products. The importance of customer service must never be underestimated. Simon Burgess out-performs his competitors and yet again has been singled out for his exceptional customer service.
Nia Williams, Editor, Mortgage Introducer Awards

Personal Excellence Award

Sara-Ann Burgess stood out both because of her personal integrity and because of her unerring focus on putting the customer first. Her achievement was driven by transparent products and an uncompromising attention to providing excellent service every time. She proved beyond doubt that an ethical approach can deliver outstanding commercial success. 
Ian Smith, Judge, The Money Awards

Ethical Business Award

Yet again Simon Burgess is ahead of the pack. He has a market-leading, ethical, socially responsible portfolio that protects the vulnerable within British Society. A worthy winner who put ethics and integrity ahead of profit.
Mike Harrison, Publisher, What Mortgage Awards

Outstanding Personal Achievement Award

Simon Burgess intuitively knows what consumers need and he played an invaluable role in making his socially responsible product portfolio easily accessible to people who would otherwise struggle financially. He is a natural leader and a man with ‘vision’ – this sets him apart from his peers.
Jonathan Ball, Editor, Investment International Finance Awards

Best Product Provider Award

Simon Burgess continues to push back boundaries and deliver more-inclusive products and services than any other insurance provider in his field. He consistently blazes a trail, is never afraid to challenge his peers, or question their ethics or performance. He is in a minority by developing products that meet the needs of all consumers, particularly those who are vulnerable and struggle financially.
Abbi Filer, Judge, British Business Awards

Best Customer Focus Award

It’s very rare to find a person in financial services who puts the theory of ‘making products accessible and affordable to all’ into practise. Simon Burgess not only explains the benefits to be gained from his portfolio but puts in place mechanisms to allow customers to easily access the products most appropriate to their needs. No jargon, just an honest simplistic, accessible approach that really does show a customer focus ahead of his rivals.
Howard Mckenzie, Judge, Best Business Awards

Best Insurance Distributor Award

I am very pleased to confirm that Mortgage Strategy Magazine has awarded Simon Burgess with the award for ‘best insurance distribution’. Simon Burgess is both a consumer champion and leading provider of mortgage payment protection insurance and received the most nominations from reader of our magazine. This is a significant achievement that reflects the very high regard in which Simon Burgess is held by his fellows within the mortgage and insurance industries.
Robyn Hall, Editor, Mortgage Strategy

Outstanding Personal Achievement Award

Sara-Ann Burgess is widely considered to be a leading authority in her field and has for years sought to abolish anti-competitive practises and secure a better deal for consumers. This award is testament to her efforts. The judges were impressed with the way Sara-Ann has harnessed the power of online technology to deliver quality products at competitive prices. This coupled with a no-nonsense approach to business and excellent customer service makes for a powerful proposition.
David Connor, Judge, Best Business Awards

Outstanding Customer Service Award

When a person professes to delivering ‘outstanding customer service’ there is usually an element of the business that fails to substantiate this. However, in the case of Simon Burgess, it really does ring true. Customer service is a mantra that resonates across the whole of its business – the fact he has never received a product or service complaint is testament to this. A very well-deserved accolade demonstrating outstanding products and services, support staff and technology.
Nick Fettiplace, Judge, Global Business Excellence Awards

Best Insurance Broker Award

I can confirm that Mortgage Magazine has awarded Simon Burgess the title ‘Best Insurance Broker’ for growing his company’s reputation as a reliable, trustworthy and socially responsible provider of Income Protection Insurance. We aim to be independent, unbiased and completely transparent and pride ourselves of the fact that The Mortgage Magazine Awards are judged externally each year by a panel made up of 21 leading mortgage brokers and independent financial advisers. The judging criteria includes the quality of insurance products and customer service to both new and existing customers.
Ben Wilkie, Editor, Mortgage Magazine

Outstanding Consumer Champion Award

Simon Burgess is a leading entrepreneur at the vanguard of the insurance industry who combines discipline with creativity and innovation, to develop and distribute value for money unemployment insurance policies to consumers. He is a passionate and determined consumer champion who is trusted and respected by both his fellows in the insurance industry as well as media commentators and financial regulators.
Ben Wilkie, Editor, Personal Finance Awards

Best Broker Award

Simon Burgess is universally acknowledged a pre-eminent insurance broker with a reputation for excellence, diligence and innovation. He is respected for his highly successful track record, as well as his unrivalled level of knowledge, experience and expertise at providing a market leading, socially responsible insurance portfolio to British consumers. Simon can and does go that "extra mile" because he can be trusted to do so wisely. 
Stephen Dilworth, Chairman of Judges, The Money Awards

Corporate Social Responsibility Award

The Judges applaud Simon Burgesses inclusive products that recognise everyone has a right to financial protection, whatever their financial situation. They also commend the fact that having developed products that meet the needs of more consumers, Simon encourages other providers to follow his lead and adopt a similar, more inclusive, stance. 
Sally Garvey, Judge, Global Business Excellence Awards

Guinness World Record

Congratulations! Mr Burgess, I am very pleased to let you know that your £1million insurance of ‘Violet the Chicken’ has now officially been accepted as a record by Guinness World Records under the category of ‘Most Valuable Bird’. Welcome to the very select band of Guinness World Record holders. Details of this record have been entered into our World famous database of records information.
A M Collins, Records Research Services, Guinness World Records

The Maxwell Prize

Dear Mr Burgess, I am very pleased to inform you that you have been awarded the Maxwell prize on the results of your recent examinations. You may wish to know that Sweet and Maxwell give an annual prize to commemorate the very long connection with law publishing of the Maxwell family. The Maxwell Prize is awarded to the student who in the opinion of the examiners gives the best performance for the degree of LL.B. May I offer my congratulations on your success.
Alfred Heron, Assistant Registrar, The University of Newcastle Upon Tyne

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